About Dylan


Dylan Andre is an...

American born singer, songwriter, composer, and musician from the small town of Zieglerville, Pennsylvania. Since 2010 Dylan has sought after a career in music, whether it be songwriting or performing. In 2011 Dylan auditioned for America's Got Talent at the cattle call auditions in Manhattan, New York. Only have been playing for less than a year, Dylan was selected to be on season 6 of America's Got Talent, later becoming one of the top 3 singer/musicians on the show. After the show went off the air, Dylan packed up and headed for Music Row to record an album with longtime ToTo percussionist Buddy Hyatt at the Tracking Room Studios in Nashville, Tennessee. The 10 song album had very little national reception, and Dylan began to search for more opportunity to perform and record. He would later go on to meet Emily Reeves, a singer/songwriter and daughter to Scott and Melissa Reeves of General Hospital and Days of Our Lives, at a writers round at The Listening Room Cafe. Dylan was then invited to join Emily on tour in Los Angeles where Dylan would later meet his now manager.


Dylan began writing in a different style, and started utilizing on stage pedals such as the BOSS RC-30 to vamp his acoustic set into more of a energizing performance. Dylan later packed up again and moved out to Venice Beach, California with longtime friend, and business mentor Colonel Ray Henson. Dylan began playing on the boardwalk and garnering fans to his shows one by one until he sold out Room 5 marking his first headlining show a success. He began production on his first studio EP "Sonic Graffiti Vol. 1" with Andrew Bush of Grandma's Warehouse in Echo Park, California. Dylan continues to write music, perform, and produce songs, hoping to spread the word of his music, message, and talents to the rest of the world.