Dylan Nathaniel Andre, the rapper from Philadelphia, PA, also known as "DNA", is nothing short of of a phenomenon. From creating 100% of his content, to running the back end of his career, Dylan proves there’s no measure to his drive and determination. His style has evolved from his beginnings as a singer/songwriter who appeared as 1 of the 3 top singer/musicians on NBC's America's Got Talent in 2011, to a influential and innovative MC.

His lyrical compositions are 100% from the heart that no doubt demand a response. After living on Venice Beach for 3 grueling years, Dylan once again had to experience the underbelly of the industry and how dangerous it can be. His mother was a singer, but the temptations of the lifestyle led her to suffer from alcoholism and depression, which crippled her to the point Dylan spent most of his childhood taking care of her. As a result, Dylan was bullied relentlessly for being different, which inevitably led him to escape to music. In 2014, after living in hostile environments his whole life, being subjected to relentless physical and mental abuse, Dylan suffered a psychotic break, in which he willingly committed himself, fully aware he was leaving behind a flourishing music career to focus on his mental health.

After 5 years, with a razor sharp delivery and an inner fire that burns as hot as his drive and determination... He’s back.

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